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Let Sleeping Babies Lie

12 Jul

Nap time is one of the most welcome times of the day! Myles is SUPER busy, on the go every second that he’s awake. His naps are a welcome opportunity to eat, shower, or even just sit still for a few minutes. I used to run around and try to be “productive” during his naps but now I take it as “mommy time.” I like flipping through a magazine, perusing wedding sites and now blogging.

But for all the parents out there – have you ever been paralyzed with the fear that your kid will wake up “any second” and therefore you get nothing done? I’ve seen many hours of precious time slip away because I was fearful of starting something when it seemed like Myles was on the verge of waking up but then ended up sleeping for 2 hours as I stood there in anticipation almost the entire time. Sometimes I do enjoy just watching him. I think God made babies exceptionally cute when they sleep so that you forget just how much they test your patience when they’re awake!

But I’ve learned to enjoy all time to myself, be it 5 minutes or 3 hours. I’ve also taken the pressure of myself to be “productive.” No big deal if I don’t work, clean, cook, do laundry etc. I’m embracing and enjoying this down time. Now, when will it no longer be frowned upon to enjoy a glass of wine at 1pm? =)

Happy Birthday Myles!

16 Jun

Thank you for an amazing and challenging 23 months! You are a joy (most of the time). To be so young, you think so intensely and have an incredible curiosity about everything. But you also laugh hard and play hard. You don’t walk and talk, you run and yell. I love you more than words can say.

It also means I only have one month left to figure out what we’re doing for your 2nd birthday. You’re 1st birthday was quite the affair (which you slept through) and I’d rather do something much more low-key this year. Does it also mean that we officially stop counting your age in months?

We recently took a trip to Underwood Family Farms to pick some fruit and vegetables. You took the tractor ride very seriously, contemplating the best methods for strawberry picking. But you quickly returned your true form of running and yelling as soon as you saw the animals.