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Wedding Details: budget friendly favors

4 Jul

6:45 a.m. I waited in this insanely long line. 5 hours and 2 stores later, I had the goods. My goal is to create a “shoe valet” with creatively displayed flip-flops available for guests. A friend did this at her wedding and I thought it was such a thoughtful and fun touch!

via Love Is All You Need

Score! 35 pairs of flip-flops

line in front of Old Navy at 6:45am!

I battled the crowds at the Old Navy One Day Wonder $1 Flip Flop sale. It was madness. I had no idea so many people got so hype about flip-flops. There was a limit of 5 per customer so I had to get creative. I dispatched my mom and aunt to Old Navy stores in their city and I headed out on my own at 6:30am. I recruited a group of 14 year olds that were only getting a couple of pairs each to help me max out the limit. I got all that could from the first store, picked up my family and headed to store number 2.

But for needing 50 pairs, I never would have endured these shenanigans for the 5 pair limit, I’d rather just pay full price and avoid waiting in line for over an hour.

Up next I need to add a decorative label and figure out how to display them. More importantly, I have to figure out the best way to transport them all the way to Mexico.

After all this drama I better see a packed dance floor full of flop-flop clad guests! This is any easy to do and affordable favor that I hope my guests will use again.

5 months to go!

12 Jun

Our wedding is exactly 5 months away. Exciting but scary! We actually have very little done in terms of planning. We’re having a destination wedding in Mexico. My fiance nor my parents seems to share my concern about how much we still have to do.

Here’s what we’ve confirmed so far:

  •  the venue/location
  •  travel agent
  •  my dress
  • the bridal party
  • save the dates have been sent
  • invites are in the process of being designed

We’ve talked to but not officially hired:

  • the photographer
  • decor company
  • DJ
  • a local wedding planner

We naively settled on a destination wedding thinking there would be minimal planning involved but that myth was put to bed almost immediately. Lots more wedding convo to come but just though I’d share this milestone now. I think writing (typing) this out just made it that much more real…..

Time to get to work….tomorrow =)

Office Space

6 Jun

One of my top priorities for the summer is to clean, organize and decorate my home office. My office is technically a laundry room but is actually a good size space and includes 2 large windows. Since we moved in 18 months ago it really became a place to store unpacked boxes and any other junk we couldn’t find a place floor. Nonetheless, I shoved my desk in the corner next to the window and navigated my way through the junk, somehow managing to be productive despite the chaos.

Guests always believed we had nicely put together home but they had know idea what was behind the closed office/laundry room door.

I dream about a clean, modern and well organized space. Something feminine but professional and somewhat cozy. I must have color, ample storage and pictures galore. I picture a space straight from the pages of the CB2 or West Elm catalogue. Probably a combination of these…Image

via Living Designs


via Fresh Home Interior Design & Architecture 

*Sigh* It’s not easy but in my efforts towards accountability, this is what my office has looked like for most of the time that we’ve lived here (and in the interest of full disclosure, I had been working on it for about an hour before I even took this picture….


The good news is, I took the enormous first step towards cleaning up the room. I’ve made excellent progress and can’t wait to post updated pics!