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The 4 Year Engagement

14 Jun

Marv proposed the same day I graduated from law school. He made a touching speech in front of 30 close family and friends. I remember very little about what he actually said because as soon as he starting shifting down to one knee and pulled out the ring, I lost it. Completely. We’d been together for so long and talked extensively about marriage and even done some ring shopping but I still wasn’t expecting a proposal anytime soon.

That was May 8, 2008. My summer was spent studying for the California Bar so there was no planning. Then came what I have dubbed the “post Bar depression” where you’re stuck in limbo of having a JD but not being an Esq. California is one of the last states to release Bar results, usually the Friday before Thanksgiving so it was well into December 2008 before I could even began thinking about a wedding.

By March of 2009 planning our New Year’s Eve wedding was in full swing. Then came the rough patch and a decision to slow down (a lot more on this later). By fall of 2009 we successfully emerged from our rough patch and were unexpectedly expecting!

We got enormous pressure to get married immediately. But I was too consumed with baby prep and a new job to even think consider it. There would be no shotgun wedding. Fast forward and by fall 2011 we felt ready to make it official.

Why November? Sorry, no romantic stories or symbolism (although Thanksgiving is a very meaningful holiday in our relationship). Honestly, it’s the best time of year for us to take time off from work and it’s part of the low-season in Cancun which means lower travel prices.

It’s been a long and beautiful journey to this point. Our path to the altar may not be traditional but I wouldn’t change a thing. November 11 can’t come fast enough! (well…. actually, it’s coming a little too fast. There’s still a lot of planning to do =)