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Finding my “bloice”

5 Jun

I have wanted to start a blog for the longest. But like so many other things on my infinite “to do” list, it fell on the back burner. My first blog was going to be called “Unexpectedly Expecting” and chronicle the shock and awe of our surprise pregnancy and so on. But then I got busy, overwhelmed, etc., etc. 22 months later, I have a beautiful baby boy and dozens of unfinished projects (like completing the nursery) and unachieved goals (like running a half marathon).

Well, I’m tired of not doing what I say it is that I want to do. So today I started the blog. Just like that. My goal is to blog about the things I’m trying to accomplish, some simple and some more complicated. Hopefully, this blog will help create some type of accountability. Hopefully some of you (assuming anyone is actually reading this) are trying to accomplish some of the same or similar goals and we can support each other.

Also, I’m a bit of a research nerd. I obsessively research random issues so I’ll probably share some of that info here as well. Most recently, I’m trying to find the best phthalate free shampoo for toddlers.

So this is it. Halfway through 2012 I can put a checkmark next to a goal I set out to accomplish back in December 2010. I finally started my blog. It will probably take some time to find my true blogging voice, or “Bloice”  as I like to call it but the hardest part is just getting started, right?