Training This Week: a harsh reality

26 Jun

These days part of any new routine for me means creating a new Pinterest board, so naturally I’ve been pinning away – inspirational quotes, exercise plans, motivational pictures, etc. One of my fave quotes so far has been “skinny girls look good in clothes, fit women look good naked.”

I’m a petite woman so very  little of my exercise motivation has to do with weight. But “thin” does not mean “fit.” Nothing will snap you back into that reality faster than a full length, 3 way mirror and the unforgiving lighting of a department store dressing room. One glance at my backside was a painful reminder that I’m no longer an 18 year old athlete – I memory and body image I cling to.  I have no desire to be 18 again but I do want to be in the same shape I was back then.

This week I’ll be traveling for my annual company meeting. Several of my co-workers are avid runners so I’m hoping to join one of them on a morning run. But for whatever reason this year – our corporate bonding experience will come in the form of exercise. The company is sponsoring a 6am group bike ride and one of the executives/fitness gurus will be teaching one of her “legendary” bootcamp classes. Again, at 6am.

I was gleefully looking forward to “sleeping in” until 7am this week but I will be up by 5:30 for our 6am fitness spectacular.

Most of us at this meeting are lawyers, i.e., extremely competitive. This means we’ll be up, feigning excitement and nonchalantly pretending like working out as the sunrises is part of our usual routine. This is exactly what I need to stay on track; some healthy competition.

Less than 2 weeks to go until my race! Time to get after it.


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