No more excuses…

20 Jun

Summer officially starts today! Yay! I’ve done very little to achieve my summer fitness goals. boo. I’ve been arbitrarily setting dates of when I must run a half marathon by for the past couple of years. First it was “before I turn 30.” Then it was “during my 3oth year.” Now it’s “before my wedding.” It’s time for something to change. In my mind, I’m a runner but in reality, I’m not. Truth be told, I don’t mind running but more than anything I love the mental challenge that it poses. I’m pretty competitive with myself. At least I used to be.

So again, in the spirit of accountability and the hope that if I blog about it – I’ll do it, I’m signing up for a 5k on July 8. I will be participating in the Run for the Kids. This seems like a worthy cause and hopefully on the morning of I will look at Myles and think “there is no way I can not do this.”

I’ve been jogging sporadically since the beginning of May so with a couple of intense weeks this should not be a problem. Fingers crossed and running shoes laced. Here we go!


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