The “babymoon” is over…

14 Jun

Several friends, co-workers and acquaintances have had babies within the past year. Being the first of my core group of friends to have a baby naturally means I am the “expert.”  My vast 22 (almost 23!) months of experience as a mom clearly qualifies me to answer any and all questions related to babies. HaHa! But I did experience so much of what most of them are going through now and I’m always happy to listen and offer advice when asked. But this is something I always share:

When the babymoon is over. I think it happens anywhere between the age 6-9 months. It includes some or all of the following:

  • All the adrenaline (if you ever had any) has completely worn off and true exhaustion is setting in.
  • The rest of the world isn’t as sympathetic as they once were to you being a new parent.
  • No one at work really cares that you’re not sleeping.
  • Everything is sort of returning to normal and while you’re baby remains the center of your world; you realize that everything cannot revolve around your baby. However, the baby is now starting to become mobile, no longer complacent just being held or sitting in bouncer or the car seat in a restaurant. So everything does still sort of have to revolve around the baby.
  • The offers to babysit start drying up (this may happen a little later). For us, what’s worse is when so many friends we’re offering we were still in the obsessive stage of just staring at Myles and never wanted to leave. Now that we would occasionally like to see a movie or grab sushi, the pool of friends begging to babysit is just about empty.

Things just really start to change. Remember the beginning of romantic relationships? Up all night talking, dropping everything and everybody to spend time together, etc. – all that fun stuff can’t last forever. It doesn’t mean you love each other any less it just means you have to return to the real world. The honeymoon period has ended. I think the same thing happens with your first baby. I was just as obsessed with Myles at 6 months as I was the day he was born – probably more. But I also had to work and run our home and have some couple time and have some alone time, etc., etc. This new reality can be a little depressing and overwhelming but it’s totally normal. At least that’s what I’ve told myself and all my new-parent friends. Because remember, I’m an “expert.”

To any parent – did you experience this phenomenon? If so, when did your babymoon end?


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