Obsessed with…..

9 Jun

Dorthy Perkins! I came across this large British retailer while perusing on Pinterest and I’m on my third dress! I would call myself more of an online “browser” rather than shopper. Feeling fabrics, trying things on, etc. has always been my preference but I took a gamble and ordered a dress for a friend’s wedding in May. It was about $60, including International shipping – you can’t really beat that! I absolutely love it and now I’m hooked.

I would describe DP as a cross between Zara and XXI (or as most of us know it, Forever 21). BUT I think the quality is better and the style is more grown up. I consistently shop Forever for accessoires (I loose or break earrings, sun glasses and necklaces way to often to spend more than $5-$10 per piece) but I started shying away from the clothes a few years ago. Although, to be fair you can still find some cute and age appropriate stuff. Plus, XXI is a great place to experiment with trends that you may not be ready to really splurge on (think neon and tribal print). But something better about DP is they constantly have some promo going on where you can save anywhere from 10% – %50.

My latest score is this animal print halter maxi dress for $59 (it looks and feels a lot more expensive)! Maxi dresses can be challenging for petite women because they can really “consume” you. But this fits beautifully! The fabric is light weight and drapes effortlessly. It ties at the neck and waist, really allowing your shape to show. It can also easily be dressed up for date night and dressed down for a trip to the farmer’s market! I honestly don’t think the picture does it justice.

dress from dorthyperkins.com

It’s actually a very good thing DP isn’t on this side of the pond – it would just be too dangerous for me!


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